Is Ramadan Supposed to be in September?

When is Ramadan?

This YouTuber argues that Ramadan is not supposed to be based on a lunar cycle (as it became when Umar changed the calendar), but that it is supposed to be in the ninth month of the year, a luni-solar year that was similar to our own. The beauty of Ramadan being in September is that fasting hours would be roughly the same all over the world (getting rid of 20 hour fastathons in Norway.) 

“Some have said that 9:37 forbids intercalation. This sorely erroneous interpretation of the verse is very common and probably the main reason why Muslims have decided to follow a pure lunar calendar. It is the same reason we ask non-Muslims to read the verses of the Quran in context.

In reality, this verse has nothing to do with intercalation but how the idolators have ‘postponed’ and abused specifically the restricted months of fighting. The verse simply explains its self. As such, please read the ENTIRE verse as it will become clear what type of ‘postponement’ was used by the polytheists and how they abused this system. It has NOTHING to do with intercalation: {9:36} Postponement is an increase in disbelief—by which those who disbelieve are led astray. They allow it one year, and forbid it another year, in order to conform to the number made sacred by God, thus permitting what God has forbidden. The evil of their deeds seems good to them. God does not guide the disbelieving people.”

The Hijri Calendar and the Lost Month of Ramadan

“Video presented and prepared by Qutaiba Al-Mahawili
Special thanks to researcher and thinker Wissam Al-Deen Ishaq.
You can visit his facebook page on:

Other scholars and teachers:
Farqad Al-Qizwini
Husni Al-Mutafi

Is the Hijri lunar calendar we are using today the same as the one used in the time of the Prophet (pubs)?

We’re going to show you that the Arabic lunar months were in fact attached to the seasons of the year and that the month of Ramadan used to come in the most moderate time of the year. A time when the weather is neither hot nor cold when the day is neither short nor long all over the earth in the northern and southern hemisphere.”

How Does the Jewish Calendar Work?

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5 thoughts on “Is Ramadan Supposed to be in September?

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      • Brother ! I was wondering how many people in the world are actually fasting in the actual month of Ramadan.. because the way Ramadan is supposedly running through the years removes it’s holiness and makes of it only a name instead of an actual month based on the alignment of the stars, moon and sun.
        Zul Hijja is not a holy month anymore, it’s just the name of a month ( following their understanding ) thank God for he has guided us to the real religion, an universal religion , monotheism
        I’m very happy to see fellow believers 🙂 because Sunnis do treat me like a crazy guy 😂

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